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Yamaha XT1200Z - Super Tenere 1200 (2010-2013) - Technical Specifications

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Yamaha XT1200Z - Super Tenere 1200 (2010-2013) Specifications
  • General specification
  • Maker Yamaha
    Model XT1200Z - Super Tenere 1200
    Year 2010-2013
    TCS (Traction control system) Yes
    Unified brake system Yes
  • Dimensions
  • Overall length 2255 mm
    Overall width 980 mm
    Seat height 845/870 mm
    Wheelbase 1540 mm
    Ground clearance 205 mm
    Minimum turning radius 2700 mm
  • Weight
  • Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank) 261 kg
  • Engine
  • Engine type 4-stroke, DOHC
    Cylinder arrangement Inline, 2-cylinders
    Displacement 1199 cm³
    Power 80.9 kW (110PS) @ 7,250 rpm
    Torque 114.1 Nm (11.6 kg-m) @ 6,000 rpm
    Bore × stroke 98.0 × 79.5 mm
    Compression ratio 11.00 : 1
    Fuel system Fuel Injection
    Starting system Electric starter
    Ignition TCI
    Cooling system Liquid cooled
  • Fuel capacities
  • Fuel tank capacity (fuel reserve amount included) 23 L
    Fuel reserve amount 3.9 L
  • Lubrication system
  • Type Dry sump
    Total amount 4.2 L
    Engine oil quantity without oil filter replacement 3.1 L
    Engine oil quantity with oil filter replacement 3.4 L
  • Final gear oil
  • Quantity 0.2 L
  • Cooling system
  • Coolant reservoir capacity (up to the maximum level mark) 0.26 L
    Radiator capacity (including all routes) 1.83 L
  • Spark plug(s)
  • Manufacturer/model NGK/CPR8EB9
    Spark plug gap 0.8–0.9 mm
  • Air filter
  • Type Oil-coated paper element
  • Clutch
  • Clutch type Wet, multiple-disc
  • Transmission
  • Gears 6 speeds
    Final drive Shaft
    Operation Left foot
  • Chassis
  • Frame type Backbone
    Caster angle 28.00 °
    Trail 126 mm
  • Front wheel
  • Wheel type Spoke wheel
    Rim size 19M/C x MT2.50
  • Front tire
  • Type Tubeless
    Size 110/80R19M/C 59V
  • Front brake
  • Type Dual disc brake
    Disc size 310mm
    Operation Right hand operation
    Specified brake fluid DOT 4
    ABS (antilock brake system) Yes
  • Rear wheel
  • Wheel type Spoke wheel
    Rim size 17M/C x MT4.00
  • Rear tire
  • Type Tubeless
    Size 150/70R17M/C 69V
  • Rear brake
  • Type Single disc brake
    Disc size 282 mm
    Operation Right foot operation
    Specified brake fluid DOT 4
    ABS (antilock brake system) Yes
  • Unified brake system
  • Operation Activated by front brake
  • Front suspension
  • Type Telescopic fork
    Spring/shock absorber type Coil spring/oil damper
    Wheel travel 190.0 mm
  • Rear suspension
  • Type Swingarm (link suspension)
    Spring/shock absorber type Coil spring/gas-oil damper
    Wheel travel 190.0 mm
  • Battery
  • Model YTZ12S
    Voltage, capacity 12 V, 11.0 Ah
  • Generator
  • Model A.C. Magneto-generator
  • Headlight
  • Bulb type Halogen bulb
  • Bulb voltage, wattage × quantity
  • Headlight 12 V, 55 W × 2
    Tail/brake light LED
    Turn signal light 12 V, 10.0 W × 2
    Auxiliary light 12 V, 5.0 W × 2
    License plate light 12 V, 5.0 W × 1
    Meter lighting LED
    Neutral indicator light LED
    High beam indicator light LED
    Oil level warning light LED
    Turn signal indicator light LED
    Coolant temperature warning light LED
    Engine trouble warning light LED
    ABS warning light LED
    Immobilizer system indicator light LED
    Traction control system indicator/warning light LED
  • Fuses
  • Main fuse 50.0 A
    Headlight fuse 20.0 A
    Taillight fuse 7.5 A
    Signaling system fuse 10.0 A
    Ignition fuse 20.0 A
    Radiator fan fuse 20.0 A
    Fuel injection system fuse 10.0 A
    ABS control unit fuse 7.5 A
    ABS motor fuse 30.0 A
    ABS solenoid fuse 20.0 A
    Auxiliary DC jack fuse 3.0 A
    Backup fuse 7.5 A
    Electronic throttle valve fuse 7.5 A
    O/P (option) fuse 20.0 A